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Executopia offers workshops, seminars and other means of training and education primarily for executives and leaders who want to bring all areas of their lives into greater┬ábalance and success. Unlike other consultants and coaches, Executopia’s Dana Nowling combines wide cultural experience, warm personality and unique methodology to create a unique point of difference that is hard to miss. Her simple yet effective approach delivers outcomes that, when implemented, bring about paradigm-shifting results.

  • I must follow the people. Am I not their leader? —Benjamin Disraeli
Posted: 1 day ago

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Are You Maximizing Your Training Budget?

Often when the economy is challenging, organizations cut their budgets and training can be the first item to get the chop! This may seem like an easy way to reduce costs if you are not sure what value it is adding to your business. The problem with this approach is that employees may feel the […]

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Leadership Surrounding

When visiting a client a few weeks ago, I ran into a woman I know working in the office. She was dressed very smart, her hair and makeup looked great, she was really glowing. She was doing a great job and it was obvious she was enjoying herself. She told me that she was also […]

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As a small business owner the many demands easily distract from my priorities. In less than 30 minutes, Dana was able to empower me to explore and evaluate where I am verses where I should be in my life balance. It was simple, understandable and without conflict. Now I am able progress with positive and healthier steps knowing the long term positive impacts. Thanks Dana!

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